Futures market turnover rate, the futures market turnover rate is high or low reasons

Every futures investor should know that investing in futures in the market is accompanied by high risk and high yield. Therefore, no matter which type of investors are trading, they will carry out corresponding analysis on various indicators of commodities they want to trade. Just like the stock investment will analyze its turnover rate, the turnover rate of the futures market is also a data that many investors pay more attention to.

Futures market turnover = (volume of trades/positions held in futures over a period of time) x100%.

A, the futures market turnover rate of this word in the futures market generally play a very important role, in the market is mainly on behalf of investors to hold the contract to sell, at this time will be another investor to buy these contracts, its main meaning is the same direction of the list of transfer.

But here we should pay attention to a point, when the general investor is trading is open position operation, this is its own position is not changed, because it just put the investor to buy the hand of another investor just, like long, short change hands.

2. In the stock market, this index was used earlier in all kinds of stock trading software. Different from the above futures formula, the calculation formula of stock = the total number of stock traded stars/shares issued, as shown in the figure above, the result is percentage.

Relatively speaking, the futures market does not directly calculate the turnover rate, because it does not have the volume value, so it is impossible to use the volume value to calculate the turnover rate, and the above stock turnover rate has the volume value. Futures is mainly a variety of trading star divided by the holding star to represent the turnover rate, that is to say, it is possible to calculate the open position. A high result indicates that the more active the variety is, the more speculative it is.

Three, generally in the market to determine the high and low turnover rate of futures factors, in addition to the above positions, there are the following points:

1. Reasons for the trading mode. With the gradual improvement and development of the securities market, the market capacity and potential have been improved, and the turnover rate is also gradually increasing under such circumstances;

2. Reasons for the settlement period: In the market, investors believe that the shorter the settlement period of general futures, the higher the turnover rate will be, and vice versa.

3. Reasons for investor structure: If the main investor is an individual investor, the turnover rate will be high; on the contrary, if the main investor is an institutional investor, the turnover rate will be low.

4. Degree of turnover: In the market, the most influential reason for the turnover rate should be the degree of turnover of both sides of futures trading.

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