What exactly is the role of clearing banks in futures?

As we all know, banks can not only manage people’s money, but also promote the circulation of capital, which will eventually promote the development and progress of China’s economy. And banks are also very important for futures. However, not all banks are associated with futures trading. On the contrary, only clearing banks are important to futures trading. So, what is a clearing bank? In fact, the purpose and function of clearing banks is to serve those investors who are engaged in futures trading. Therefore, the clearing bank refers to the bank designated by the exchange to assist the exchange in dealing with futures trading settlement business. Here’s a look at why clearing banks come into being. In futures trading, investors need to keep their money flowing so that they can make investments smoothly. However, the exchange and its members’ money are not in the same bank, which makes it impossible for them to circulate the money. As a result, clearing banks have emerged to keep members’ deposits and related funds. The emergence of clearing bank not only provides convenience for investors, but also promotes the development of futures market.

The above is the settlement bank in the period refers to the field in the end what role content. If you want to know more about futures trading and other financial knowledge, investors should learn some basic financial knowledge.

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