Do you know what dish feeling is?

In the futures market, if investors want to win more profits, they should not only have a solid knowledge of futures, but also have mature operation techniques and norms. Therefore, today I will introduce to you what is dish feeling, for you to learn and reference.

In the futures market, some investors have their own operating methods and standards, so as to win more profits. And those who do not have a good way of operation and norms of investors, often in the process of operation encountered a lot of problems, the final loss is huge. Therefore, investors should constantly accumulate their own experience, so as to be able to read the language and information conveyed by the market at different stages, so as to easily win more profits. In addition, some investors in the process of operation, can be perfect to complete the construction of the warehouse, the liquidation of the process, and in this process hidden a concept, that is the sense of the dish.

So, who has a very accurate sense of dish? Investors need to be aware that not every investor has a very accurate sense of the market. If you want to have a sense of dish, you must go through a lot of training and solid operation to train the dish, otherwise, your sense of accuracy may be false.

Above is the main description of the dish sense of training methods, let us see what is the dish sense.

Dish feeling is essentially your accurate grasp of the futures market, and it is mainly manifested as an indescribable, hazy feeling. For example, after a period of development and change in the market, a new trend is about to appear, and you already have a strong feeling, this is the dish sense. Dissonance is neither the product of reason nor the product of reason, a combination of chance and necessity. So we say the dish sense is a wonderful feeling, it is invisible, but it can give us the right direction.

Some investors in the process of operation, repeatedly wrong market trend, and finally failed. So the investors are frustrated and ultimately remorseful. In fact, investors with enough practice can find a sense of the trade and make it profitable for them.

Above is what is dish the main content that feels, hope to enlighten everybody. In addition, investors should also go to know and understand some basic knowledge of the stock, so as to be safe.

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