Do you know a few big futures operation mistakes?

In the field of futures investment, even if some people have enough knowledge of futures, they still cannot make perfect operation. In order to be able to let you in the operation as far as possible not to make mistakes, today I will introduce to you a few big futures operation mistakes, for you to learn and reference.

1. Indecision when placing an order: Some investors in the process of investment, the heart will often produce some short or long struggle. After intense thinking, I finally decided to go long, but in the process of going long, I was afraid and uneasy. So what are they afraid of? At this point, long investors fear that they will encounter a false breakthrough situation, fear that they will lose a lot of money. And some investors on the contrary when short, very afraid will appear to induce empty situation occurs, afraid of their own fall into the trap of others. However, the market is always in motion, when they are still struggling with the moment of consideration, the opportunity has secretly slipped away, looking for the next master.

Solution: Dare to break through yourself, dare to break through fixed ideas. Because when you take the first step, when you follow up, when the trend is established, you can take a take-all approach. On the other hand, when you find a false breakthrough, don’t be too afraid. This is the best time to make a profit.

2. The frequent other; The clock & throughout; Operation: some investors want to do long already, want to short again at the same time. Therefore, in the process of operation, there are repeated phenomena, and finally not only did not achieve the purpose of profit, but a huge loss.

Solution: When one side of the market is not significantly ahead of the other, investors should be careful not to repeatedly long and short the phenomenon.

3. Disadvantages of short and medium term: Some people mistakenly think that short and middle line is the length of position, but it is not the case. Some people misunderstand the meaning of short line and middle line. In the stock market, short and middle line is not the length of position, but a combination of other factors to recognize and understand the difference between them.

Solution: The short line and the middle line each has the distinction, therefore the investor should specific problem specific analysis.

The above is the main content of several big futures operation mistakes, investors should also go to learn some basic financial knowledge, so that they can constantly enrich themselves.

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