Futures investment daily necessities

When investors learn the basic knowledge of futures, they should know what futures investment must be, so that they can do futures trading better.

1. Market system and trading software

Most futures trading is already done over the Internet. After the customer opens an account, the futures brokerage company will inform the customer of the download address of the market system software and the trading system software, and provide the corresponding account number and the initial password of the transaction. After installing the downloaded software on the computer, customers can go online to see the actual market, and check their own account transactions and funds.

2. Collect daily relevant information

Futures trading activity is based on spot trading. There is a close relationship between futures prices and spot prices. In the real market, futures prices are not only affected by the supply and demand of commodities, but also by many non-supply and demand factors. This is also the basic futures knowledge that investors need to learn. These non-supply and demand factors are mainly financial and monetary factors, political factors, policy factors, speculative factors, psychological expectations and so on. This information can be found on the futures company website and futures professional website, the latest information every day.

3. Foreign futures that deserve attention

With the globalization of the world economy, commodity price fluctuations around the world show a close correlation. The varieties of domestic commodity futures have different degree of correlation with the international market. Notable foreign futures varieties are: The London Metal Exchange of the United Kingdom copper, aluminum; Copper on the American Mercantile Exchange; Soybeans, soybean meal, wheat and corn on the Chicago Board of Trade; Cotton on the New York Cotton Exchange; Singapore international Financial Exchange fuel oil, etc.

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