What is copper futures?

How can we win more profit in the futures market? In fact, as long as investors learn a few more futures knowledge, they can achieve the purpose of profit. Therefore, today I would like to introduce to you what is copper futures, for you to learn and reference.

Since ancient times, copper has been widely used in people’s life. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, copper has been widely used in all aspects of life. With the development of The Times, copper seems to have been out of history, people have found a number of other metals can replace copper. According to Gann theory analysis, copper has not faded out of history, but its demand is periodic. What you may not know is that the demand for copper has a lot to do with the economic cycle. When the economic cycle is expanding, the demand for copper will increase and the price will double. When the economic cycle is shrinking, demand for copper is small, and it will fade out of sight.

Copper is the earliest metal discovered by people, but the trading of copper futures only started at the end of the last century, specifically in 1991. After more than ten years of historical settlement, the development of the investment field of copper futures has become increasingly mature, and has developed into a futures variety with a considerable scale. Shanghai is a leader in the development of copper futures. Due to its advantageous geographical location, the copper futures in this region have been successfully integrated with the world, which not only promotes the progress of domestic futures, but also promotes the development of international futures investment. With the integration of our country’s copper futures with the world, the trend of domestic copper futures is gradually affected by the trend of the world’s copper futures.

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