Basic knowledge of futures market

In the futures investment market, as long as investors can master enough futures knowledge, they can find the hidden opportunities in the investment market, so as to win more profits smoothly. So, today I will introduce to you what is the stock index futures with capital, for you to learn and reference.

What is Stock Index Futures Financing? As the name suggests, it is to point to fund cooperation of index futures, this kind of way brought very big good news to broad investor. Because in the investment market of the past, stock index futures to open an account of the basic requirements of investors to open an account of the threshold of 500000 yuan of funds, which makes many people cannot smoothly to invest, and since the implementation of stock index futures with endowment way, threshold was immediately reduced a lot, people can use minimum principal 10000, can the operation of stock index futures investment account provided by the company operating profit. If the investor makes profits, all the profits will be attributed to the investor, and the risk will also be borne by the investor himself. Futures matching companies do not share in your profits, nor do they take the risk of investors. If the investor makes a mistake, a portion of the loss will be deducted from the investor’s margin. In short, investors (investment individuals/companies) and trading parties (futures traders) entrusted financial management a form of capital cooperation.

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