Basic knowledge of futures trading

How can investors make more profit in the futures market? This seems to be a perennial question in the futures investment market. Some investors struggle in the futures investment market for decades, but still enter the futures investment market as confused and hesitated. In fact, as long as investors master enough knowledge of futures, they can find some profit opportunities in the futures market, so as to win more profits. Therefore, today I will introduce to you what is the day no debt settlement system, for you to learn and reference

The same day no liability settlement system, also known as & LDQuo; Mark to market day by day. , which is essentially a corresponding increase or decrease in margin. In the futures trading market, when the settlement department ends the daily trading, investors should calculate all profit and loss, trading margin, commission fee, tax and other expenses, but they must follow the settlement price of the day at the time of settlement, otherwise the settlement cannot proceed smoothly. When the settlement is completed, the investor shall net the amount receivable and payable in one transfer, and increase or decrease the margin accordingly, so as to complete the transaction smoothly. A margin call made by an investor based on the balance of the margin when the transaction is completed. Of course, if the margin balance of a member or investor falls below the required standard, a margin call will be received and the difference will be the margin call. If the investor does not make a margin call on time, the investor will not be able to complete the transaction.

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