Futures trading risk loss and its trace and recovery

Generally, people only regard capital loss as the risk loss of futures trading. In a broad sense, the risk loss of futures knowledge trading should include credit loss, moral alienation, loss of state-owned assets, trading capital loss and so on.

Loss of credibility. The loss of reputation is caused by the non-standard behavior of market entities. Some brokerage firms because of cheating customers, opening less than a year, litigation has been more than, had to close.

Moral alienation. The futures and securities industry makes a lot of money. If the persons involved in this industry are weak-willed and their units have no effective supervision measures, they will easily go on the road to crime.

Loss of assets. Mainly refers to the loss of state-owned assets. On the basis of public ownership, the investment used to set up exchanges, brokerage companies and member units to participate in transactions is generally state-owned and collectively owned. Any one of these risk factors can lead to asset loss.

The money is in the hole. If the trader fails to grasp the timing of the price, the potential loss on the book becomes the actual loss on the liquidation, which reduces or even deplets the account capital. If he wants to continue trading, he must inject new capital.

The key to prevent and prevent futures trading risk losses lies in the prediction and control of potential losses, the elimination and avoidance of risk factors and the prevention and treatment of risk events. If the loss has been caused, the responsibility of the person concerned must be investigated and measures taken to recover the loss of state-owned assets.

An investor who is qualified to participate in futures trading has to go through multiple links to invest in futures trading, from looking for brokers, placing orders to the final settlement. Risks may occur in each link. These risks are divided into two categories, one is systematic risk, the other is non-systematic risk. In the futures market, futures agency disputes often occur between investors and brokers due to risk losses, especially in the case of external futures agency. The core of the disputes is the analysis of futures trading risk categories. If good at distinguishing these two kinds of risks, not only in risk loss after the occurrence of risk can distinguish the risk of responsibility, and before the investment can avoid or reduce risk as far as possible.

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