How to prevent the risk in the futures market

1„ÄĀUnderstand the futures rules

Before participating in the futures market, traders must understand the risks in place and learn the rules clearly. Read the rules, understand the rules. After I have confirmed my trading risk tolerance and have mastered the relevant futures knowledge and investment methods, I will make a decision and then participate in the trading of stock index futures.

We understand the stock index futures of the simulation trading, traders can carry out futures simulation trading here, through hands-on practice, can improve the actual level of traders, and further understand the futures rules.

2. Protecting funds is the first priority

Futures traders should have a good sense of risk management and put the protection of capital in the first place. Only in this way can they survive in the futures market, that is, have the ability to trade again.

3. Master certain trading methods

In the long run, there is no shortage of opportunities in the market. The key is to master the right methods and the right ideas. Only in this way can you achieve long-term and continuous success. From the perspective of probability, just by luck and a moment of cleverness, one may achieve a temporary success, but cannot establish oneself and survive in the futures market for a long time.

Forced liquidation of positions is a unique institutional setup of futures market and an important measure to control risks in futures market. Forced closing may be caused by the trader’s own factors, or by factors other than the client, and in general by the trader’s own circumstances.

The above are some methods to prevent risks in the futures market. I hope you can read them carefully. If you are more interested in other things such as chip distribution, please pay more attention to our gann theory knowledge, so that we can make more progress for you.

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