Unfamiliar with the risks associated with futures market orders

If investors are unfamiliar with trading orders, there is a risk. For example, when applying a market order, you should pay attention to the following three points

1. The market price orders of stock index futures are different from the market price orders of stocks to some extent, and there are also some differences between the market price orders of different futures knowledge exchanges. Therefore, whether stock investors or futures investors start to engage in stock index futures trading, the use of market order must pay attention to the differences between different exchanges.

2 in the stock index trading, must be careful to use market order, in order to prevent the transaction price is too high. Although the market order transaction speed is fast, but in fact also hidden particularly big risk, like a double-edged sword in the market, if there is a big fluctuation in the market, the transaction price may be very different from the expected price of investors.

3 to learn to use market order to close the position, to change, pay attention to check whether there is no open position, because in the appearance of a single market, the use of market order to close the position may also fail to close the situation, at this time the market order part of the outstanding will automatically cancel.

The difference between stock index futures trading order and stock trading order has two points, the following to explain these two aspects in detail.

On the market, the stock market commission has been restricted to the position of the best 5 prices, but the market order of stock index futures is not so. The market order is similar to the mutual commission with the price of the limit of trading, which is to take all of the orders. In this way, if the market fluctuations and the other side of the rare situation, you can use the price of a more outrageous transaction, the current not only the best 5 is in the transaction, until all the day up or down the limit is the transaction of all the orders.

Stock index futures market order in addition to the possible transaction price is not satisfied with the situation, there may also be an order did not complete the transaction of the situation. For example, when choosing a market order with the intention of closing the position as quickly as possible, it is important to note that the order may not be fully closed, especially if there are few open orders. For example, if a trader orders at the market price, the number of orders, including the daily limit, is very small at the moment the order is issued, the trader may not complete the order of up to 50 trades, and the portion of the order that is not traded will automatically be withdrawn.

Index futures market order did not deal with the part of automatic cancellation, this and stock market order can be changed to limit the price can also be automatically revocation is different, traders must pay attention to this point.

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