How to trade gold futures

According to the relevant provisions of the Shanghai Futures Exchange Gold Futures Standard Contract, natural person customers are not allowed to enter the delivery month. That means individual investors can’t buy gold futures for physical delivery. In addition, gold futures are traded in units of 1,000 grams per lot by contractual standards. Based on the current spot price of gold in the domestic market of about 200 yuan per gram, the primary contract value is about 200,000 yuan. And the margin ratio that general gold futures trades is 10%, do a contract to need 20 thousand yuan of margin namely, because futures trades most avoid full storehouse operation, conventional hold a storehouse ratio is 1/3, that is to say, start a gold futures, want the capital of about 60 thousand yuan at least.

Like futures trading in commodities and financial instruments, buyers and sellers enter into a contract to buy or sell gold futures and pay a margin, specifying the standard amount of gold to be traded, the agreed price and the due date. The actual delivery takes place on the agreed delivery date, which investors can see on Gann Software. Hedging futures trading is a transaction conducted by gold enterprises according to the supply and demand of production and market to avoid risks and reduce inventories and costs. It is conducive to protecting the interests of producers and operators and maintaining the normal operation of production.

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